Saturday, September 29, 2018

Blackmoor Week Day VI

OK, just finished a fun game and getting ready for dinner and when that is over, we'll watch OSU hopefully destroy Penn State. Hope that you got some gaming in today and I also hope you are a football fan. 

So hopefully tomorrow I will find the energy to tell you about our game today. So I'm out of here, time for food and football.

Oh and if you did not get to game this today, then make plans to do so soon. Raise a glass to the memory of Dave Arneson and Blackmoor.

Update: Ohio State escapes Penn State with a win 27-26 when Penn State on 4th and 5 makes a bad call and doesn't put the ball in the hands of their quarterback who gained 175 yards rushing. That mistake gave OSU the win. I never would have thought OSU could play that bad and walk away with a win. 

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