Friday, August 19, 2016

Gary Gygax Estate aka Gail Gygax and Producer Tom DeSanto

Since Gary Gygax passed away there has been a lot of speculation and angst in the RPG (read old school D&D) community regarding the legacy of Gary Gygax, the cancellation of all the projects and contracts that were active at the time of his death and the refusal(which we have all witnessed - we are talking public record here) of Gail Gygax to follow or pursue any of the projects/partnerships to publish his work that were in place at the time of his death and her IMO complete disregard of Gary's wishes as he had shared them on the internet prior to his passing.

IMO it has become obvious that Gail Gygax has no concern for Gary's legacy or for his fans. Her IMO only concern is how to cash in and receive the maximum paycheck and that is to partner with the Producer Tom DeSanto and exploit the IP for the maximum financial return. As much as we hate the thought, she owns the IP and can do what she wants for good or ill.

However much we may despise and abhor that, we must also recognize that she was not married to any of us and that she was not a gamer. Unfortunate as it may be we must remember that Gary Gygax is the one that brought the IMO "wicked witch of the west" Loraine Williams into  TSR and had that decision come back with a knife in the back. He IMO seems to have made the same mistake in marrying Gail Gygax and is receiving a posthumous knife in the back. So I despise Gail Gygax, but it is her right to be what she is and I hope that to her the money is worth it. I am deeply sorry that Gary's widow is not, (IMO) it appears is not honoring his wishes.