Thursday, September 27, 2018

Blackmoor Week Day IV

Another place that has some Blackmoor/First Fantasy Campaign/Dave Arneson discussion is at this link. This area of the forum is young, but we are interested in fleshing it out with some good discussion.

The current topics that have been started are

Rules to the Game of Dungeon (1974)

Blackmoor what edition?

Arneson initiative

Does the new timeline downplay Arneson's contributions?

Theory Location the real Blackmoor in Greyhawk

Lost Tonisborg


An Overview of the First Fantasy Campaign

Family rules?

Should we call historians to account for distorting Arneson?

Did Gygax actually prefer Arneson's Spell Point system?

Have you used the FFC?

First Fantasy Campaign

Who is a Blackmoor Fan?
Maybe you have a topic of your own or some comments to add.

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