Friday, September 28, 2018

Blackmoor Week Day V

It's that time of year and Blackmoor Week is here! What are you doing this year to celebrate Blackmoor week and Dave Arneson's Birthday?

As for me, I'm getting with some friends and plan to spend Saturday gaming. We're doing it like Dave Arneson, a fully home brewed world and the game never slows down it just keeps moving fast and free. A pure sandbox, with thousands of hooks, a living world, no tracks, no scripts, real D&D. The players decisions move the game in any direction they want to go.

I admit, I am spoiled, I have no decision challenged players. If your players are decision challenged? If they dither and debate? If hours pass and they are still trying to make a decision, it is your fault as the referee. Wandering monsters and TPK's are a beautiful thing. Your players will learn that when you make decisions in seconds in real time, when the game moves at a breakneck pace, when both players and the ref are pushed to your limits, then you can find the magic that takes immersion deeper and deeper and makes the game come alive.

Your players have to learn to follow their instincts, learn not to over think things, learn not to react, but to take the initiative and act. In sports the aggressor has an advantage, when playing D&D the aggressor has an advantage. I am not talking about killing everything in sight, none of that murderhobo garbage, no I am talking about being proactive instead of waiting for things to happen. He who hesitates, loses. Don't be a loser, be proactive and decisive and survive and thrive.

Play like Dave Arneson, survive and thrive!

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