Friday, May 25, 2018

The Passing of Paul Mosher

The Passing of Paul Mosher Paul Mosher was one of Dave Hargrave's (Arduin) closest friends.

Here are Aprel’s words (Paul’s wife):
On Sunday April 15, 2018:
“I wanted to let you all know, that this morning with no fuss Paul quietly slipped from this world into ARDUIN forever. He had not been sick, and it was a real shock…Please let anyone else you think of know.”
On April 25, 2018:
“They have finally signed off on Paul's death certificate and he was cremated last night. I will be picking up his ashes Thur. Hopefully today or tomorrow I will be meeting with the Vet guy and will be getting the arrangements made for the memorial. “
No other information is available at this time. Paul was a veteran and military funerals can take a while to arrange. Paul Mosher, we salute your years of service and for being a great friend and family man.

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