Friday, May 25, 2018

Celebrating Dave "The Dream Weaver" Hargrave Day

It is May 25th and time to celebrate Dave Hargrave Day his birthday, he would have been 72 today and still a young man. Unfortunately, he died an untimely death from complications of diabetes in 1988. Dave Hargrave also known as The Dream Weaver, was the designer of the Arduin campaign and the author of the Arduin Grimoire.

Arduin also known as Arduin, Bloody Arduin is one of the greatest campaign world's ever committed to paper and it easily surpasses everything created by WotC. Dave Hargrave in his grimoire published hundreds of ideas and these days these ideas are put in print in new products and the authors and publishers pretend these are new ideas instead of stolen ideas. Why they don't want to give the idea creators credit is anyone's guess, but it is so, so wrong.

The Arduin Trilogy is available over at RPGNow and is described as follows
564 pages of Arduin History...
The original three books:
  •     The Arduin Grimoire (Arduin Grimoire volume 1)
  •     Welcome to Skull Tower (Arduin Grimoire volume 2)
  •     The Runes of Doom (Arduin Grimoire volume 3)
The volume that came after:
  •     Arduin Adventure
And a whole lot more!
BY: David A. Hargrave
These are the volumes that started it all. These books inspired tons of RPG's, authors and fans alike. Let your imagination set wild and come back to the old Arduin Grimoire series to re-inspire you from old or create inspiration of new! There will certainly be something of value in these Grimoires for all. New rules, monsters, items, spells, character classes, races and more… all from the World of Arduin, for use in any and ALL role playing game systems - past present and future!
This was Emperors Choice first attempt to organize the large amount of material presented in the original Arduin game system.  While reorganized and placed with a new typeset, imagery and tables it maintains its original presentation.
Emperors Choice is now seemingly dead and the Arduin IP languishes in purgatory. Only a few books are available at RPGNow but right now you can get the bundle of all the books and items that are available over at RPGNow for $51.95 instead of the full price of $102.84. Entire Arduin Digital Collection [BUNDLE]

In my opinion either the Trilogy or the Bundle are a good deal and you should try to get one or the other while you still can. The IP holder has not responded to email and stopping shipping hard copies multiple years ago and could pull the plug on everything. Dave Hargrave's Arduin is Classic and has a lot to teach and illuminate.

Happy Birthday to Dave Hargrave and here is hoping that your IP can be brought out of moth balls and made fully available once again.

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