Sunday, January 27, 2019

International Original Dungeons & Dragons Day

International Original Dungeons & Dragons Day, the 45th Anniversary of Original Dungeons & Dragons is today January 26th as we continue our celebration of International Original Dungeons & Dragons Month.

The original game is no longer for sale except for places like eBay and even there you have to be careful that you are getting the original version and not an adulterated, watered down version. In the real thing you will find references to balrogs, hobbits, ents and Tolkien himself. The watered down version has halflings and treants.

Over at RPGNOW you can find the adulterated version in pdf form OD&D Dungeons & Dragons Original Edition (0e). Someday, I or someone else may publish instructions on how to replace the missing text in the pdf so that you have the real thing.

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