Saturday, January 6, 2018

The RPGPundit and an Anonymous SJW attack at OBS

As most of you likely know by now, some SJW(s) at OBS aka RPGnow, have been messing with The RPGPundit, by playing around with the url for his really sweet new product Lion & Dragon. They keep changing and/or deleting the url so that they can keep his product out of the top ten in sales. The SJW(s) can't stand The RPGPundit because he is pro-freedom and stands against censorship. I agree with him on some things and abhor his stance on other things, but I do support his right to hold those positions and advocate for them. The SJW(s) desire a one-note echo chamber and believe that only their views should be protected by free speech and that all opposing views should be permanently silenced.

Support freedom, by supporting The RPGPundit, because love him or hate him, he is one of the few voices of freedom in the RPG world.

One of the links below should be working and I will try to update this post if they change.

You can read The RPGPundit's take on things here:

Blog entry cancelled  

RPGnow Sabotaged Lion & Dragon, & What You Can do About It

RPGNow Has Screwed Me Over YET AGAIN, Day 3

Lion & Dragon / RPGnow Fiasco Conclusion & Some Reasons To Buy It Now!

Lion & Dragon / RPGnow Fiasco Conclusion & Some Reasons To Buy It Now!

In short, if someone was responsible for trying to sabotage Lion & Dragon on RPGnow, they're probably kicking themselves right now.
If you have no idea what I'm talking about, over the last 4 days either through massive incompetence or intentional malice by some disgruntled employee, Lion & Dragon had been effectively rendered unreachable not once but TWICE, just as it was celebrating a month on the top-10 list, which it of course lost as no one could find the book anymore.

First, all the good news; and basically, this is all about YOU. Against ALL odds, and in spite of essentially losing all its viable links TWICE in the last 4 days, Lion & Dragon has made it back into the top 15! As of this writing, thanks to all the people who came forward and purchased the game, it went from being way down at #30 and dropping, all the way up to currently #13 and rising on the bestseller list for RPGnow.

I want to thank all the people who have stepped up and helped spread the word. The ones who bought the game obviously, but also the ones who made the effort to share the links to the new L&D URL and telling other people about what had happened.

On the best selling list he is back up to number 13 right now, who know what it would be if OBS hadn't taken a leave of absence from ethics. EDIT: now up to number 11.

RPGnow's Bestselling list

Current Link:

Lion & Dragon

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