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The Classic Monsters in the Tarrozian Campaign

In this thread I am going to list the monsters that appeared in OD&D, as well as any alterations that I made and, in addition, new monsters that I added.

I will start with the most dangerous monster of all:

Monster TypeNumber Appearing*Armor ClassMove in Inches**Hit Dice% In LairType or Amount of Treasure
Men (original)30-300 VariableVariableVariable15%Type A
Men (revised)1-20/1-100/30-300/1-10,000VariableVariableVariable15% or 16-35%Type A &/or Variable

In our campaigns you will find men of all races/colors/ethnic groups, similar to that found in our RL world. Our campaigns have never been all one skin color one culture background.

While Volume 2 Monsters & Treasure listed as examples Bandits, Berserkers, Brigands, Dervishes, Nomads, Buccaneers, Pirates, Cavemen, and Mermen, that only scratches the surface. In addition, to encounters with such Ref-characters as magic-users, clerics and fighting-men, thieves, rangers, paladins, bards, merchants, caravans, etc. We also used this to locate cities, towns, villages, hamlets, small farming groups and homesteads, etc. as we adventured into new territory.

We will next (briefly at first) consider Goblins/Kobolds, Hobgoblins/Gnolls and our addition of Grossgoblins. Remember in 3 LBB OD&D Hit Dice are all six-sided.

Here is the original Goblins/Kobolds statline followed by our splitting it out individually:

Monster TypeNumber Appearing*Armor ClassMove in Inches**Hit Dice% In Lair   Type or Amount of Treasure
Goblins/Kobolds40-4006/761-1 / 1/2501-6 SP ea.
Goblins (revised)40-400661-1501-6 SP ea.
Kobolds (revised)60-600761/2501-3 SP ea.

Goblins are thus 1 Hit die -1 with a mininum of 1 Hit Point (1 to 5 Hit Points) and Kobolds are 1/2 hit die or 1 to 3 Hit Points.

Hobgoblins in our campaigns are the smallest of the goblin race(hob means small), instead of being larger than goblins, one of our largest of the goblin race are the Grossgoblins aka G-g-g-goblins aka Groblins. Gnolls in our campaigns do not have hyena heads, being humanoid instead and now at 1 hit die +1 hit points. Gnolls are much too small to be a cross of gnomes and trolls, so in our game they are goblins crossed with a small variation of the troll kind. Our gnome and troll cross is known as tromes and will appear later in this thread.

Monster Types   Number Appearing* Armor ClassMove in Inches**Hit Dice% In LairType or Amount of Treasure
Hobgoblins/Gnolls20-200591 + 1 / 1/2 501-6 SP ea.
Hobgoblins (revised)60-600861/3201-2 S.P. ea.
Gnolls (revised)20-200591 +120Type D
Groblins (added)3-36492+130Type D + 1-6 G.P ea.
Bugbears5-20593+140Type B

We upgraded orcs in our campaign to make them a tougher encounter. We upgraded them to orcs and to large orcs and to giant orcs. The original stat line for orcs:

Monster TypeNumber Appearing*Armor ClassMove in Inches**Hit Dice% In LairType or Amount of Treasure
Orc30-30069150%Type D

Revised orc information:

Monster TypeNumber Appearing*Armor ClassMove in Inches** Hit Dice% In LairType or Amount of Treasure
Orc30-30069150Type D
Large Orc10-10049250Type D + 500 G.P.
Giant Orc5-4029350Type D + 1000 G.P.

More on those monsters later. Here is my take on the Barsoom critters:

Monster TypeNumber Appearing*Armor ClassMove in Inches**Hit Dice% In LairType or Amount of Treasure
Apts 1-6612135%Type C
Banths1-10615720%Type C
Calots10-60824350%Type C
White Apes2-12521915%Type E
Orluks1-105181010%Type C
Sith2-12418/30425%Type E
Tharks (Green Martians) 40-400Variable12215%Type D
Darseen 3-124183NilNil
Red Martians40-400Variable9115%Type D
Black Martians40-400Variable9115%Type D
Yellow Martians40-400Variable9115%Type D
Malagor1-454/401015%Type E
Plant Men2-20515830%Type D

Green Martians consist of four hordes:

Yellow Martians are Okarians

White Martians are present in three groups:

Black Martians are the First Born

Kaldanes/Rykors symbiotics

Kangaroo Men


For a per-historic lost world atmosphere here are a few dinosaurs:

Monster TypeNumber Appearing* Armor ClassMove in Inches** Hit Dice% In LairType or Amount of Treasure
Supersaurus 10-4029120NilNil
Tyrannosaurus Rex 1-432118NilNil

Supersaurus - Up to 140 feet long and about 120 tons.

Argentinosaurus - up to 130 feet long and up to 110 tons.

Seismosaurus - up to 120 feet long and up to 90 tons.

Ultrasauros - up to 100 feet long and up to 80 tons.

Diplodocus - up to 90 feet long and up to 80 tons.

Brachiosaurus - up to 85 feet long and up to 75 tons.

Brontosaurus(Apatosaurus) - up to 90 feet long and up to 40 tons. See this link for the sad story of how a couple of greedy childish nuts gave the same dinosaur two different names and how much, much later a bunch of idiot "scientists" kept the name that the public did not know and got rid of the name the public loved. They could just have easily have kept the name brontosaurus and have retired the name apatosaurus. Just goes to show how incredibly stupid, stupid can be. (rofl) Thunder Lizard or Deceptive Lizard which one grabs you! 8-)

Giganotosaurus - up to 50 feet long and up to 9 tons.

Tyrannosaurus Rex - up to 50 feet long and up to 7 tons.

Carcharodontosaurus - up to 45 feet long and up to 5 tons.

The largest dinosaur predators had large sharp pointed teeth and clawed feet and hands.

The smaller faster dinosaur predators also had large, sickle-shaped claws on the middle toe of each foot, capable of slashing prey. They hunted in packs, and could kill even the largest dinosaurs and these are also the most intelligent group of dinosaurs.

Some of the defensive features of dinosaurs were their horns, claws, and spikes - these were deadly, knife-like protuberances. Many were so large that only the largest predators or packs of predators were a danger.

Some dinosaurs had armored plating (bony plates fused into leathery skin) and were plated all over the tops and sides of their bodies and it included their eyelids, leaving only their underbellies unprotected. In essence very similar to a turtle in many respects.

Other dinosaurs had a lesser level of protection in just having thick leathery skin.

Some dinosaurs had large bony tail clubs that were used for defense, with some of these dinosaurs being quite agile and quick.

Velociraptor - was a very fast bipedal dinosaur. It is one of the most intelligent of the dinosaurs. Standing about 6 feet tall with overall length of 8.5 feet including the tail. It is very fast, agile and can make very quick sharp turns. It has a 3.5 inch long, sickle-like, retractable claw on the middle toe of each foot. It also has 80 very sharp, curved teeth in a long, flat snout.

As played IMC this predator has nearly equal intelligence with humans.

Monster TypeNumber Appearing* Armor ClassMove in Inches** Hit Dice% In LairType or Amount of Treasure
Ogres3-18594+130%1000 GP + Type C
Mountain Ogres2-122129+240%5000 GP + Type C
Swamp Ogres3-2421512+160%7500 GP + Type C
Ogre Magi1-649/155+240%Type E
Trolls2-124126+350%Type D
Mountain Trolls1-82127+150%Type D
Forest Trolls2-124127+250%Type D
Plains Trolls2-124126+140%Type D
Desert Trolls1-83156+240%Type D
Swamp Trolls3-245128+150%Type D
Arctic Trolls1-611510+250%Type D
Trogers2-1631210+330%2000 GP + Type C
Giants1-8412830%*5000 GP + Type E
Hill Giants1-8412830%*5000 GP + Type E
Stone Giants1-8412930%*6000 GP + Type E
Frost Giants1-841210+130%*7000 GP + Type E
Fire Giants1-831211+330%*8000 GP + Type E
Cloud Giants1-831512+230%*9000 GP + Type E
Storm Giants1-82151530%*10,000 GP + Type E

* Wandering Giants Carry 1000-6000GP with them.

I have always loved the Deodanth from Arduin, and I have used the following IMC:

Monster Type***
Number Appearing*
Armor Class
Move in Inches**
Hit Dice
4+1 up to 9+1
% in Lair
Type or Amount of Treasure****
A & G

Six to seven foot tall ebony humanoids with flaming red eyes and sliver claws/fangs. They wear military gear but no clothing. They can leap 20 to 40 feet in any direction and hate elves so much that they instantly attack them on sight. They are 50% magic resistant and cannot be level drained. Their attacks are two claws for 1-8 up to 3-18 depending on the hit dice and 1 bite for 1-4 up to 1-12 depending on the hit dice with 20% chance of 1 level drain drain per bite.

*Referee's option: Increase or decrease according to the party concerned (used primarily for out-door encounters).
**Number after slash is flying speed. Creature may "charge" also and get bonus to normal move.
***See separate paragraphs regarding each monster for various possibilities.
****Treasure is found when creature encountered in Lair. Referee should determine what treasure if any a creature is carrying.

Any details not given should be provided by the individual referee.

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