Friday, July 8, 2016

My Take on the Classic Demi-Human PC Races

I thought I would post a bit about the player character races for your perusal.

Dwarves: They average about four and a half feet tall and they are extremely stocky and muscular. They have the greatest endurance and stamina of any race. They are very strong and much more nimble than one would suspect. They have a high-level of magic resistance, they note slanting passages, traps, shifting walls, and new construction in underground settings. They reach young adulthood at about 80 years old and live up to about 800 or so.

Their body tissues are extremely dense and hard and at 80 years old they have a natural armor class of 4. By the time they reach 100 years old this has increased to armor class 3, 150 years old armor class 2, 200 years old armor class 1 and 250 years old armor class 0. However, it is impossible for dwarves to swim and they will not float without magical assistance. Adventurers are uncommon.

Elves: They average about five feet tall and are of a thin and willowy musculature. They are far stronger than they look and are extremely quick and agile. Elves are superior bowman. Elves may function as fighting men and magic users simultaneously. All elves automatically gain +4 on their armor class and may never wear armor greater than Leather or they may wear elven made Chainmail, they will never wear plate armor under any circumstances. Elves are more able to note secret and hidden doors.

Elves are immortal unless they die of violence and they are not subject to disease. They are considered to be young adults at 500 years old, although physically mature by the age of 20 they are considered children up to the age of 500 by which time they have learned the elven way. Adventurers are uncommon.

Hobbits - no one in my campaigns has ever played a hobbit.

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