Sunday, January 1, 2023

Original Dungeons & Dragons Has Its 50th Anniversary In January 2024

 OD&D will have its 50th Anniversary in January 2024 and in February 2024 I will celebrate 50 years as an OD&D Referee!

Too many of the original gaming group have passed away, I am 85 myself and not sure I will make it to that 50th anniversary. But whether I am around to see it or not, all of you should be celebrating that day and that year. I am betting that WotC does nothing fan friendly to celebrate OD&D 50th Anniversary nor will they pay any homage to Arneson and Gygax and other people who were important in the creation of OD&D.

So I am going to attempt to blog between now and then and call out some of the people who helped bring OD&D to life.

I hope to do a lot of gaming in 2024, I hope that you do too!

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