Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Seven Voyages of Zylarthen - Review Part 3

Now for Volume 3 Book of Magic

Magic Spells, he lists 20 spells for each level 1-6, followed by descriptions of each spell. Since this game has no cleric, some of the clerical spells are ported over for magic-users.

The spell descriptions are aside from Charm Person, mostly brief and succint. The extra detail on Charm Person is well used.

I like the write up on Magic Books and shortly thereafter he has a bit of blank space for Referee Notes which I think most refs should really appreciate.

This is followed by an Evil High Priest and a separate High Priest Spell Table. Each has five spells for levels 1-3 and seven spells for levels 4-6. Followed by a Witch Spell Table with 10 spells for all 6 levels. Spells not previously described are described in this section.

Next we move to Maps/Magic Determination. There are no real surprises in the items listed, though there are some interesting little twists in the descriptions. Some descriptions have been made more clear and others have clarified who can or can't use them.

Interesting variations of some items are provided. 

The Fabricating Magic Items goes into quite a bit of details about the cost and time of creating new magic items with an extensive lists for each magic item type. Enough information is provided to make it easy to extend to things that are not listed. This should inspire you to create unique items.

I could have said a whole lot more, but I really don't want to draw the veil away.

This ends my comments on Book 3.

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