Friday, December 5, 2014

Names for OD&D - how to build them - V

You can create place names in a lot of different ways. For instance in rural areas you can easily name them in a "realistic" way by naming them just like people do in RL.

For example:

Little Rock
Big Rock
Black Rock
Red Rock
Yellow Rock
White Rock

Little Rock Creek
Big Rock Creek
Black Rock Creek
Red Rock Creek
Yellow Rock Creek
White Rock Creek

Little Rock Mountain
Big Rock Mountain
Black Rock Mountain
Red Rock Mountain
Yellow Rock Mountain
White Rock Mountain

Other examples:

Shale Creek
Broken Creek
Shattered Hills
Black Forest (you have to have one of these) :wink:
Slate Creek
Gravel Creek
Great Smokey Mountains
Rocky Mountains
The Roof of the World 
For really descriptive names you can research the traditional ways that American Indians named things. I must warn you that finding real American Indian names is difficult since most sites on the internet are not providing the real thing.

In a public library you will find an atlas for most areas of the world and they are filled with great place names.

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